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Terms of Use

This Agreement is made between the USER/Subscriber and ClientCare.net

User/Subscriber and ClientCare.net have entered into this agreement with a separate enrollment form for services, including the storage and maintenance of Protected Health Information (PHI) generated by User/Subscriber.

User/Subscriber hereby designates ClientCare.net to manage security controls using industry standards and HIPAA best practices to include, but not limited to: unique user IDs, password complexity, minimum password length, limiting password reuse, lock-out parameters, and password expiration notice.

User/subscriber recognizes that ClientCare.net is not responsible for the manner in which the system is used, or the information used within. Subscriber assumes all responsibility for accuracy, completeness, and liability pertaining to User/Subscribers patent PHI and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). ClientCare.net shall protect and preserve the confidentiality of such PHI / EMR and any other information received.

For the rendering of services provided herein, services offered are non-contractual and on a month to month basis. User/Subscriber shall pay ClientCare.net in accordance with the pricing structure on our website. User/Subscriber account will be charged on a monthly basis unless otherwise stipulated. No refunds will be issued for mid-month cancellations or advance payments. Account disruption due to non-payment is not considered to be cancellation of ClientCare.net and is independent of the cancellation policy to follow.

User/Subscriber may at any time terminate the EHR services by going to the Manage Account section of ClientCare.net. This can only be done by the owner of the User/Subscriber account. User/Subscriber shall not consider the cancellation complete until the time that it has received an email confirmation from ClientCare.net. Additionally, User/Subscriber acknowledges that any unpaid account balance must be paid prior to ClientCare.net processing the cancellation request and said unpaid balance may delay the processing of the cancellation.

Access to records

User/Subscribers will have access to medical records contained in the User/Subscribers account provided their account is in active status. After termination of services with ClientCare.net the owner will continue to have access to client records, in pdf format, for a period of no less than 20 years. ClientCare.net will provide this service as a courtesy to the User/Subscriber at no charge. Registered account owners (active or inactive) can also export their client records as outlined below.

EHI Population Export

We support both patient level and population level machine readable export.

  • File Format : PDF or CSV
  • Data Dictionary: accessible in the help section
  • Instructions on how to access the data:
    • As a user you access the data by going to the Client list page, setting up the search parameters needed, and exporting to the file format desired.
    • As a patient you go into your portal and download your records in the format desired.

By using ClientCare.net, you agree to the terms set forth in this User Agreement.
Should you have questions regarding any of ClientCare.net’s policies, please contact info@clientcare.net

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