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Our Story

The Birth of ClientCare…

Jennifer Gallardo has been a midwife since the early 1990’s, when she and Fernando opened their first birth center. Fernando has been busy programming solutions for midwives and birth centers ever since!


In 2008 Jennifer extensively explored various EHRs and couldn’t find one that was tailored to midwives and birth and had all the features she needed for managing three busy birth center’s. 


Receiving input from Jennifer and the 10 midwives and physicians that worked for them, Fernando expanded what he had already built to perfect ClientCare into the most complete EHR and practice management system for birth care professionals.


It was only natural for Jennifer and Fernando’s next step to be sharing ClientCare with other midwives and birth centers! We feel confident that ClientCare will enhance your practice!


See how we can transform your business with the most complete and affordable EHR and practice management system for midwives!

Join us!

Experience the benefits of the most comprehensive EHR and midwifery practice management system today.