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ClientCare was created by midwives like you that recognize the unique needs of a home birth or birth center practice. ClientCare has extensively worked with hundreds of midwives in various birth settings to bring you software that is truly intuitive and comprehensive. 

Click each tab to learn more about the many features ClientCare has to offer.


  • Customizable charting templates
  • Connected to lab for automatic lab uploads
  • Physical Exam with editable autofill buttons
  • Well Woman Care and Encounters
  • Variety of dating considerations for EDD
  • Checklists so you don’t forget anything
  • Call Log
  • Prenatal visits & flow
  • Alerts for important information such as RH status
  • Labor Record & SOAP notes
  • Easy push buttons during birth and urgent care
  • Birth Summary
  • Newborn exam with autofill buttons
  • Admit & Discharge records
  • Postpartum visits for mother and baby
  • Transport records for mother and baby
  • Drafts show on your home screen so nothing is left undone
  • Fax or print records at the push of a button
  • Appointment reminders sent to clients by email or text
  • Links to clients chart
  • Integrates on midwives home screen
  • Unlimited providers
  • Syncs with google
  • Create a new client in the scheduler
  • Group prenatal appointments link to each client
  • Active client report with due dates and crucial info on each client
  • Incoming labs report
  • Statistical reports, including MANA & PDR worksheets
  • CABC statistical report for accreditation visits
  • Medication log
  • Demographic and marketing reports
  • Medication Log report
  • Track incoming prospective clients and increase your sign up rate
  • Get a report on how many appointments and births providers have done in a certain time period
  • Get a report on all the drafts and unsigned charts in your system
Client Portal
  • Intake and medical history transfer to chart
  • Consent forms can be customized and signed electronically
  • Educational forms upload at various stages of clients care
  • Client messaging center
  • Client can see invoice and pay from invoice
  • Clients can see only what charting you approve of in their portal
  • Gather insurance information
  • Pre-authorization information
  • Upload financial agreements to clients portal
  • Billing call log and notes section
  • Automatic invoice estimator
  • Create client invoices and put on auto email
  • Easily accept card payments, powered by PaySimple
  • Invoice payments applied automatically to invoice
  • Superbill can be created in each visit
  • Autofill HCFA (professional) and UBO4 (facility) claims
  • Print, email, or fax invoices and claims
  • Electronic submission of claims to clearing house
  • Extensive financial reports for ease in tracking and task management
Practice Management
  • Faxes can come into ClientCare and be assigned to charts
  • Templates for letters written for the client (OK to fly, etc.)
  • Keep your personnel records in order, including licenses, CEUs, and more
  • Get reminders when things are about to expire
  • Keep important facility documents & maintenance records in order
  • Document trainings, chart reviews, emergency drills, and fire drills
  • Track hours and reimbursements for employees
  • Keep a checklist of accreditation requirements in order with reminders sent out when things need updated
  • Be ready for compliance and accreditation visits
  • Supply management section

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